Showtime Made Fun Again of a Bisayan Pronunciation

Showtime Bisaya

Manila media is at it again.

Showtime’s Kim Atienza host who’s fond of making fun of Bisaya pronunciations and accents, just made a joke out of a Boholano guest inside the studio who uttered “noybe” which is nine in English,  nueve in Spanish and nuwebe in Tagalog.

The main star of the show Vice Ganda is also guilty of laughing at the Bisayans. But when Anne Curtis corrected him when he mispronounced “Google” for “gogel”, he was upset. Of course he did it in a fun way.

Well if only Bisayans are like me confident and vocal. But this has caused inferiority complex on the majority of the Bisayans. I should know.

Time will come when Manila will respect the Bisayan culture.

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  • Let’s not generalize naman.. Meron namang mga taga Manila/Luzon na rumerespeto sa mga Bisaya at sa kulturang Bisaya. I’m an Ilonggo, proud Ilonggo.. I live in Iloilo City and I admit, I get offended when people make fun of the Ilonggos. Yes, there are some na wala talagang respeto. The most recent was that of ahcee flores.. That was way out of line.

    I pity that girl. And as much as I wanted to punch some sense into her head, I’m thinking it’s not worth it. I saw her Twitter account, and though I want to send her a couple hundred hate tweets, I stopped myself. I’m above her.. and I’m from Visayas. She doesn’t deserve my tweets, my comments and my respect.

    • Hi Lean, yes, I’m not generalizing, that’s why I wrote “Manila media”. I refrain from using Tagalog. It would only further widen the rift between the two ethnicities.

      About that Ahcee Flores, I really did not mind about her comments. I did not share the photos on Facebook. I only left a comment on my friends’ post, “Insecure lang sya” or “dont share this photo further para wala na awayan between Bisaya and Tagalog.

      Thanks for the comment. You’re the first commenter in this blog. Hehe…

  • sometimes po, pag na mimispronounced ang isang word. people would usually think that its like mocking the Bisayan dialect. which is no naman po.. ang iba kasi pag namali ng pronounced automatic ang segway Bisaya ka day? ganun. napahiya kasi yung nag salita. hehe. hayaan na po natin.

    • Well, I hope in the real world the Bisayans or even Batanguenos are like you and me, who can easily brush it aside.

      Dati, I used to get really upset, ngayon very very small na lang hehe. And when I do retaliate, I do it in a civil way. One way is to blog about it without using hate words.

  • my accent is not noticeable, but it can be noticed sometimes if I get too comfortable with the conversation.. majority of Filipinos actually speak Visayan language, about 75% I think.. If this happens sometimes, I just think that I am more linguistic than most people who grew up in Manila because I can speak both language whilst they can only listen helplessly and decipher when 2 Visayans talk to each other. You know what happens when people encounters something they can’t understand, one way is to make fun of it to get away with the situation.

  • Don’t get me wrong.
    I a proud Ilonggo, as a matter of fact.. my blog name is an Ilonggo term, and even if I’m base here in Manila. I never encountered it yet that people are making fun of the way I talk or speak, there even times that my friends request me to speak in Ilonggo so they could listen..
    The language is very fascinating if placed in the right context.

    • I used to work in Manila for a number of years, I too did not encounter people from Luzon making fun of me. I did not even try to hide my Bisayan accent when I speak Tagalog. Well, maybe because of my stature, they probably respect me or maybe a bit intimidated of my presence hehe.

      Maybe if I was a houseboy, they could easily pick on me.

  • I think i find these people irritating these ahole fackers are idiots.Ok im bisaya from cebu these nitwits are real idiots why would they make fun of my dialect my favorite language
    in TV have they noticed that most of their viewers are bisayan .Have they thought that we the visayan people had made them stars.We are your gods Kim we raised you up if you don’t change then we your gods will pull you down.yes we are your gods we dictate who you kill,what you do , we dictate that you work on we supply you with money and attention because that’s what our pet clowns need.Money and attention.We your god would like respect back from our servants.

  • Personally i hate the Tagalog language most of the time they talk fast like whiny brats on steroids though i don’t make fun of people that much im much more intellectual and Superior to them. but i have the opinion .Its cuz these people have not matured well.In cebu here people are a bit mature than the average normal Tagalog person for `1 we don’t make fun of people due to their language as we in the majority
    2 we or i can understand people more than the Tagalog citizen that’s why we or i just shut up and not gossip.
    Bisayans people think its easy to see new business flourish in Cebu and unpractical shops close down easily its cuz people don’t buy these unnecessary things
    theirs a reason why all the business man want to go to manila its because people are much gullible in manila
    stupid people=great business
    but in Cebu their are less here

  • Ayaw sad ng pamalikas nga ininglis uy. Ana man ang kultura sa mga Tagalog; mga hambogiro. Ang kalami lang kay maayo ko mo-ininglis. Kung mosaway gani sila sa akong tinagalog nga tuyo-on jud naku nga hiwi ug mis-pronounced ako dayon sila iniglison. Bati man jud ka ayo ilang English pronunciation pananglitan: googel (google), nodels (noodles), pres (for fresh), prend (for friend). Mokatawa ko kay di ko kasabot kung mag iniglish sila! Timan-i ninyo nga ang Cebuano is a language not a dialect. Adto gani sa Wikipedia.

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