Showtime Made Fun Again of a Bisayan Pronunciation

Showtime Bisaya

Manila media is at it again.

Showtime’s Kim Atienza host who’s fond of making fun of Bisaya pronunciations and accents, just made a joke out of a Boholano guest inside the studio who uttered “noybe” which is nine in English, ¬†nueve in Spanish and nuwebe in Tagalog.

The main star of the show Vice Ganda is also guilty of laughing at the Bisayans. But when Anne Curtis corrected him when he mispronounced “Google” for “gogel”, he was upset. Of course he did it in a fun way.

Well if only Bisayans are like me confident and vocal. But this has caused inferiority complex on the majority of the Bisayans. I should know.

Time will come when Manila will respect the Bisayan culture.

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