English to Bisaya Books to Improve Your Bisaya Language Skills

If you are eager to learn more about the Bisaya language, then I hope the following books listed in Amazon might help you achieve your dream of becoming fluent in speaking, not just Cebuano, but also Hiligaynon or Waraynon.

Click the image below to know the details of each book.

A Handbook Of Cebuano Visayan Paperback – by Anssi and Nida Raisanen

BISDAK: Learn To Speak Cebuano Overnight: A No-Frills Approach to Learning Cebuano (Visayan) Dialect by KD Sofia Sigil.

Magbinisaya Kita Primer 1: A Cebuano Learning Book 2009 Edition by by Mrs Jessie Grace Udang Rubrico Ph.D. and Mr. Jonathan Mark Udang Rubrico.

The Giant Ilonggo Phrasebook: Over 1900 Ilonggo (Hiligaynon) Phrases and Notes That Will Help You Speak Like an Ilonggo by Paul Soderquist.

Nalipay ako makilala ka!: An introduction to Hiligaynon Paperback – by Anssi Raisanen.

Waray Lessons by PhilLang Books

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