Binisaya Film Festival


The BINISAYA film festival is a balm to the cultural sores 600 years of colonialism has left us with. The film festival’s continues existence and growth dares to defy convention and expectation. Founded by filmmakers, BINISAYA aims to develop a uniquely Cebuano sensibility by providing a venue to showcase Bisaya films and Global Cinema unfettered by commercial constraints. BINISAYA has also maintained its status over the years as a hotbed for discussion over the direction of Cebuano films and its place in the world by inviting industry luminaries such as RA Rivera, John Torres, Richard Bolisay, Jade Castro, Teddy Co and Ramon Bautista to name a few. BINISAYA has also showcased works from neighboring Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Afghanistan through the Asian shorts competition. The festival itself has travelled through pop-up screenings all over the country—schools, cinematheques, posh coffee shops, barangay basketball courts, under bridge communities, etc. There is nowhere BINISAYA will not go.

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UP Manila – Aug 31, Sept 5, 6
Cinematheque Manila – September 16- 18
Cinematheque Baguio – September 16- 18
Cinematheque Iloilo – September 16- 18
Cinematheque Davao – September 16- 18
SM Seaside Centerstage Theater presented by Goldmine Residences – September 17 & 24
USC, SAFAD Theater presented by Sinekultura (Cebu City) – September 22 – 24
Video Art After Party presented by BOMBA Press (Cebu City) – September 24


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